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Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany
the salutary science

Volume: SVEC 2012:12
Series editor: Jonathan Mallinson
Author: Alexandra Cook

[Alexandra Cook] is clearly an expert on Rousseau’s botanical writings, and brings her expertise to this study of Rousseau and his place in eighteenth-century botany. The work is a testament of her in-depth work on Rousseau’s botany, and includes extensive appendices which provide a detailed enumeration of Rousseau’s botanical sources, a list of his botanical correspondents and contacts, and summary tables of his own herbaria.
Isabelle Charmantier, Archives of Natural History (vol. 40:2, October 2013)

Alexandra Cook’s Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany: the salutary science is a major and decisive addition to the vast field of Rousseau studies and studies of eighteenth-century botany. It shows how his dedication to botany for a significant period of his life had implications for his emotional, intellectual and social life and how he was part of larger and dynamic processes in accessing and ordering the knowledge of nature.
Palmira Fontes da Costa, The British Journal for the History of Science (vol.47 (Nov 2014))