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Invaluable trees
cultures of nature, 1660-1830

Volume: SVEC 2012:08
Series editor: Jonathan Mallinson
Volume editor(s): Laura Auricchio, Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook and Giulia Pacini

The collection ╦Łfocuses on the actual tree, apprehended in its full materiality╦Ł in lieu of the metaphorical or symbolic treatment of trees, which sets it apart from earlier works of criticism on trees in the eighteenth century
Lora E. Geriguis, ISLE (20:02 (2013))

The plurality of the Enlightenment is a key organizing theme: the editors situate the volume within a growing literature that sees vitalism and sentiment in Enlightenment thought alongside detachment and classification.
Tamara L. Whited, Environmental history (vol.19, issue 2 (2014))