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Jean-Jacques Rousseau en 2012
Puisqu’enfin mon nom doit vivre

Volume: SVEC 2012:01
Series editor: Jonathan Mallinson
Volume editor(s): Michael O'Dea

The various chapters of this book are of a very high order and represent some of the best recent work on Rousseau by distinguished experts […] There are fresh readings and compelling insights in each one of the chapters, and the book is essential for all those with an interest in Rousseau.
Mark Darlow, French Studies (67:3 (2013))

A volume of thirteen essays that explores contempory perpectives and proposes new directions in Rousseau scholarship. […] His well-curated collection draws attention to the vigor and breadth of twenty-first century Rousseau studies by bringing together an eclectic team of Rousseau specialists, including philosophers, musicologists, literary critics and a political theorist, to re-adress the place of Rousseau in the intellectual, social and literary history of the Enlightenment.
Massano Yamashita, H-France Review (14:110 (2014))