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The Super-Enlightenment
daring to know too much

Volume: SVEC 2010:01
Series editor: Jonathan Mallinson
Volume editor(s): Dan Edelstein

By turning their attention to figures sometimes pejoratively referred to as ‘illuminés’, the essays of this volume shed a new light on eighteenth-century thought, revalorizing often marginalized thinkers, revealing the complementarity of Super-Enlightenment and Enlightenment, and thus enhancing our understanding of the particular complexity of this period in the history of ideas.
Rori Bloom, French Studies (April 2011)

The Super Enlightenment is most significant and valuable to Enlightenment studies for the opportunity it gives modern-day academics to reflect upon the intellectual and philosophical geography of the period, but also to reconsider how they study it. It opens the field to dialogue, allowing us to ask questions we may not have otherwise considered.
Hanna Roman, MLN