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Regulating the Académie
art, rules and power in ancien régime France

Volume: SVEC 2009:08
Series editor: Jonathan Mallinson
Author: Reed Benhamou

Benhamou succeeds in delivering a crisp account of the institution’s history in a well-paced ninety-two pages.[...] The second part […] of Benhamou’s book comprises nine appendices in which the various iterations of the Academy’s statutes are reproduced. […] This, along with Benhamou’s judicious summary of the history of the organization and her excellent bibliography, make this volume an essential addition to the library of any scholar of seventeenth- through nineteenth-century French art.
Katherine C. Mansfield, CAA Reviews (October 2010)

Benhamou’s articulate, comprehensive description of the stages of the Académie’s administrative evolution recalls the fragility of our own institutions amidst recent internecine political tensions and power struggles.
Ivy Dyckman, New Perspectives on the Eighteenth Century (Spring: 2011)