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Œuvres complètes de Voltaire
Traité sur la tolérance
Volume: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire 56C
Author: Voltaire

Volume editor(s): John Renwick

The present two volumes [56B & 56C], carefully designed to complement each other, maintain the high standard of informativeness and bibliographical exactitude of this great edition.
Furbank, P. N., TLS (18 May 2001)

Voltaireans will be pleased to know that a landmark text in the Œuvres complètes project has been handled with such admirable expertise and panache.
David Williams, Modern Language Review, 97:2 (2002)

Renwick’s detailed notes to the French text are a superb resource in their own right and a delight to read. This critical edition of the Traité should prove indispensable for scholars of the period for many years to come.
James Byrne, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 53:2 (April 2002)