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Œuvres complètes de Voltaire
Corpus des notes marginales de Voltaire 8
Rollin – Sommier

Volume: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire 143
Author: Voltaire

Volume editor(s): Natalia Elaguina, Nathalie Ferrand et al.
Date of publication: November 2012

Pagination: xlii + 592 pp., hb (relié)

Price: £125 / €137 / $153

  ISBN-13: 978-0-7294-0967-4

Description: This essential research work for Voltaire scholars reproduces Voltaire’s own annotations written in the margins of the books in his library, now owned by the National Library of Russia at St Petersburg.Volume 8 includes Voltaire’s copious marginal notes on Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which benefit here from extensive critical annotation by Nathalie Ferrand, with the participation of Larissa Albina. The material on Rousseau is complemented by reproductions in an appendix of annotations by Voltaire on a second copy of Emile.

Voltaire’s readings of other important authors in this volume include Charles Rollin, Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, Saint-Evremond, Paolo Sarpi, Mlle de Scudéry, Mlle de Sévigné, Shakespeare and Richard Simon. Comprehensive editorial notes show how Voltaire’s reading of the books in his library influenced his own writing, and the volume also contains an index of Voltaire’s works referred to in the editorial notes. The volume is further enhanced by 26 reproductions of Voltaire’s annotations.

Contributors: Larissa Albina, Nicholas Cronk, Natalia Elaguina, Nathalie Ferrand, Gillian Pink, Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

'Voltaire dans les marges de Rousseau. Le baladin et le polisson' (Nathalie Ferrand)
Textes et notes marginales
Appendice: Les notes marginales sur l’Emile de J.-J. Rousseau dans l’exemplaire de Genève
Notes éditoriales
Index des noms propres qui se trouvent dans les notes marginales
Index des œuvres de Voltaire citées dans les notes éditoriales