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Œuvres complètes de Voltaire
Writings of 1761
Volume: Œuvres complètes de Voltaire 52
Series editor: Nicholas Cronk
Author: Voltaire

Volume editor(s): Marie-Emmanuelle Plagnol-Diéval, Theodore E. D. Braun et al
Date of publication: February 2011

Pagination: xx + 594 pp., hb (relié)

Price: £115 / €136 / $153

  ISBN-13: 978-0-7294-0888-2

Description: The major part of this volume is taken up by two plays, Don Pedre and Olympie, in which Voltaire attempted to inject dynamism and spectacle into the French theatre while still working in the classical tradition.

At the same time Voltaire continued his defence of French literature against foreign, particularly English, influence, with his Avis referring to the prestigious edition of Corneille, and more importantly the Parallèle d’Horace, de Boileau, et de Pope.

Other political, religious and philosophical themes of 1761 are articulated in the remaining texts of the volume.

Don Pedre (Marie-Emmanuelle Plagnol-Diéval)
Olympie (Theodore E. D. Braun)
Avis (David Williams)
Parallèle d’Horace, de Boileau, et de Pope (David Williams)
De la nation française (Jacqueline Hellegouarc’h)
Lettre de M. Formey (Jacques Marx avec la participation de Nicholas Cronk)
Sermon du rabin Akib (Antonio Gurrado)
Pot-pourri (Jacqueline Hellegouarc’h)